Leaving Day

B retires today after ten years with the company – early retirement was offered in the recent round and she decided to take it. As she’s pointed out since she’d have been a fool not to. Keeping her off the ceiling for the last few weeks has proven a difficult task.

Now B is something special, not only does she keep the office running and us all in our place but she is by far the most dedicated searching engine for internet based oddities I’ve ever known. The best thing is she never sets out to find these wonderous things but rather stumbles across them when looking for the perfectly innocent. She has in all honesty been responsible for the discovery of more internet based smut than the rest of the office put together.

All of those sites that I’ve occasionally shown to people? Three quarters of them were initially found by B. The sharp intake of breath followed by the shout of “You must come and see this” (usually directed at me) was usually a good indicator of quality andwill be missed.

After all, I’ll have no one else to blame when I forward them on to people.

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