Weekend 5-7 December

Busy weekend, I actually feel as if I’ve come back to work for a rest after it. Fun, but busy.

Friday night was the first of the office do’s, which considering the news we’d recieved from M&S earlier in the week had the potential to be an absolute barrel of laughs. It was okay, although I wasn’t drinking due to what I knew would be a busy Saturday, but I wish I had have been. A bad disco at a Christmas party is one thing, two and a half bad tribute acts is another. Apparently the first is the worlds leading tribute act to Michael Jackson, so what on Earth she was doing in Southport, God only knows. The Bee Gees one that followed was if anything worse – visibly miming playing instruments. As a colleague pointed out “If you close your eyes and just listen to them they still sound fuck all like the Bee Gees”. Lastly was an ABBA tribute who had the advantage that it’s pretty hard to screw up with ABBA, so two and a half bad acts.

Food was okay, but for some reason they decided to ignore what everyone had actually ordered and just give you either the veggie or non-veggie option. Glad I’d actually plumped for the veggie option as it was far more interesting than what everyone else was served. Finally got home at 3:45 and managed to grab four hours kip.

Relatives began descending at 8am the next morning. Gran’s 80th placed us at the centre of the days activities has we’d been amongst the prime instigators of things. Events earlier in the week meant we’d had to tell her there were a few of us taking her for a meal, but she didn’t realise just how many “a few” was. Thirteen children (with their partners), thirty five grandchildren and thirty-one great grandchildren made for an interesting logistical problem of figuring out how everyone was actually going to get there. Thankfully the problems that caused worries earlier in the week surrounding certain parties didn’t materialise and a good time was had by all. Highlight for me was seeing a picture of my Grandfather for the first time, this isn’t as weird as it sounds.

Sunday morning I decided to go fro a quick jaunt on the bike. Winter weather has finally bitten which meant half way round what I call my short route I was confronted with this;

Now normally I’d just ride through this most times (and have done in the past) – it isn’t particularly deep. However the inch of ice put me off so I was forced to take a slightly different rout than normal. All in all it was a pretty bracing experience. New tyres however meant that I was able to plug my way through the worst of the mud / ice / slush without losing balance / traction so didn’t accidentally experience just how cold the ground was.

Relatives had descended once again when I got home but it all finally went quite around mid afternoon so tried to catch up on some much needed sleep. Light evening as I didn’t have the energy for anything else before crawling back into bed.

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