Weekend 12-14 December

So a slightly longer weekend than normal due to me taking a day in-lieu at work (recent changes etc.) and making the most of it. Initially I was going to travel down to Oxford to look after Sis’ following a stint of dental surgery but in the end she’d decided to postpone it so the looking after a semi-comatose friend aspect wasn’t really an issue. Drive down was horrendous as the M6 was closed at Birmingham thus necessitating a detour via Northampton and then across to Banbury. Chortled once again at “Welcome To Silverstone, Please Drive Carefully” before getting to Sis.

Brief jaunt down to Fareham to see B&D (G being at work) for the day, both of whom seemed in fine fettle. B is settling into motherhood as if it’s the most natural thing in the world and looks really well considering what sounds exhausting. D is utterly adorable and still smiling, although making a lot more noise than when I last saw her. Somehow she’s decided that she only likes having her hair blow dried, a decision this child will regret in later years when photographs are shown to prospective boyfriends!

Back up to Oxford for noodles that night (which were yum) before going to a progressive jazz / funk night. Jazz / funk element was fine, the progressive element appeared to be rapping in Swahili. Discussed the finer (read worst) parts of the internet with R before walking back to E’s and drifting off into a blissful nights sleep. Was a really nice night and good just to hang around with Sis.

Saturday morning was fairly restful before finally sorting meeting up with S for a coffee. Took E shopping before her sister’s arrived. Coffee with S turned into dinner back at hers with an old flat-mate and just chilling out for the evening – which was lovely (as always).

Decent nights sleep before driving up to Birmingham for the afternoon (once again via Sis who was having problems with her hard drive) and then drove home. Tried to get an early night but remnants of chest infection appeared to prevent this so felt shattered all of yesterday.

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