General update (being lazy)

Okay big(ish) update as I was generally too lazy to write about anything over the break despite my best efforts (I did sit down in front of the computer to do so on a number of occasions, but somehow never got around to it). I’ve had a good break – and I do get a break as the construction industry always shuts down for the full Christmas period – although somehow I’ve managed to come out of it with a chest infection which is less good.

The work situation has sort of hung out of sight for the majority of the holiday, I’ve thought about it but not thought about it too much (mainly just to answer peoples questions when they queried the situation). The truth of the matter is I’m not sure what the situation is and probably won’t for a while yet.

Met B (and by default D) on Christmas Eve. B was good company as always and D is a delightful (if rather drooly) baby. Respectability on all fronts meant that neither of us had more than one drink – a sign of becoming responsible?

Christmas was quiet and spent mostly with the family, which was probably what I needed in hindsight. Alcohol consumption was down on previous years, as was the consumption of too much food. Shares in mindless TV & sleep rose. Boxing Day at C’s parenticals was lovely as always, but spoiled the lower food intake record that I was establishing. We didn’t quite manage to fit in a trip to see Twilight, but that’s still on the cards.

Must add that Doctor Who was rather fab (Giant Mecha Cybermen = Win) but was completely overshadowed by Wallace & Gromit and a priceless Aliens riff. Even more jokes became apparent on the second viewing.

Rather than then try to fill the gap with a variety of tasks between Christmas & New Year this year we actually had a plan, venturing of into the Peak District for a couple of days in the balmy temperatures that they are famed for, instead we got -5 temperatures and a geriatric heating system. Still got out and got some cycling done (much fun) but this may have had a knock on affect upon my health, now have chest infection and once again on antibiotics. However great fun was had by all.

New Years was spent down in Oxford at E’s and then recovering (not drink related, fatigue related) at S’s the next day. Great company as always but was surprised at just how quiet Oxford is on New Years Eve. However it also meant that there wasn’t the usual trouble that has led me to avoid going out at New Year for the previous couple of years which was lovely. Chest infection tipped over the edge on New Years Day meaning I didn’t feel like driving back, but still the drive back to work on Friday morning didn’t take too long. Work was fine but is still very quiet.

Quiet weekend as trying to make sure that I’m “proper better” rather than just “better”.  Didn’t venture out except to pay a brief visit to C and buy a new router. Doesn’t feel like I’ve done much but when I think that that’s just a week, not a fortnight realise I probably have.

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