Catching up: February / March

It’s been a while since I’ve written a life update – not because I’ve been too busy but because I’ve just had a week off so have been far too relaxed to sit and type anything meaningful out. In an effort to remedy this situation I’ll give a brief update of the last week or so before further detail;

I caught up with much needed sleep.
I cycled a fair bit and had my first RUD for ages (which was kind of fun).
I had lunch with far too many people (not complaining).
I caught up with a lot of people I hadn’t seen for a while.
I managed to see a few films.

The first part isn’t that interesting, neither is the second to most people other than to remark that I do not recommend using a tree to stop your body from falling further if softer options are available – it will screw up the way you are able to do things for the rest of the week. However as my first RUD for ages there was something vaguely satisfying about the whole event. I still need to clean the bike however and are dreading doing so considering the dried layer of filth now sat on it.

The week comprised of a number of lunch dates with various people, all of whom were lovely. This also allowed me to catch up with a number of people I hadn’t seen for a while. Went to Stafford to discuss upcoming Maelstrom goodness with E&K (and later G) which all sounds very exciting – looking forward to everything this year as it could be a lot of fun.

Mid week was trip to Birmingham, all you can eat (which turns out to be a lot) Sushi with C & Sj and then later pancakes (more injury, this time cooking induced). Manchester with Sj the next day for the inevitable trip to Vinyl Exchange, still the finest record shop on God’s Green Earth – all purchases of a good quality so quite pleased there. Special recommendation for Michael Santos’s “The Happy Error”, bought solely because the blurb described it as “Like being drunk in a beehive” (Wire Magazine) but which turns out to really quiet beautiful in a manner similar to Pan*American.

In the latter half of the week I travelled to Fareham to see B, G & D – all of whom are well. D is growing at a fair rate and has now started teething, although she wasn’t particularly troublesome with regards this apart from an increase in drool production. Both B & G seem to have taken to parenting like ducks to water, although this is hardly a surprise to anyone who’s known them for a while.

More lunches.

Oxford afterwards allowed me to catch up with E & S, the former encouraging me to drink far too many whisky sours on the Saturday before a badly served meal at Freud’s (timing was appalling), although unlike everyone else I wasn’t hung-over the next day as I kept to one drink type. Lunch the next day with E & S was lovely, grabbed a bit of a snooze before travelling back home and a restful evening. Monday off (10% Day as it’s become known)work so lunch and a bit of a preamble with C before First Aid Training on Tuesday means that I’ve had longer off work than normal and are feeling far more relaxed as a result.

Back in to work this morning, which remains quiet but hopeful – further updates on this situation when I know anything. Films will be dealt with elsewhere as per usual.

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