Revolutionary Road

This film is only safe for single people. Couples – particularly married couples – should avoid it like the plague due to potential discomfort, although given the lack of screenings avoiding it is probably easier than it should be (as depressing as it is – and it is utterly depressing – it is superb).

Apart from all of plaudits aimed at Kate Winslet (rightly so) it is odd that this hasn’t had more publicity for its quality. This is very much an old fashioned two-hander, beautifully constructed from the ground up to be a thorough examination not only of the disintegration of a marriage, with superb pieces from both DiCaprio & Winslet and wonderfully dry direction from Sam Mendes (the last shot in particular being a thing of beauty). It’s hard to say any more about it without giving away vital pieces of the plot, other than to thoroughly recommend it, if with a note of caution.

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