So, Jacqui Smith’s husband happened to watch two porno’s whilst his wife was away and this is somehow news? Okay, the expenses side of it and whether it was a legitimate claim has validity (although the fervour with which The Daily Mail is exposing Labour ministers whilst ignoring its new darlings, the Conservatives cannot go unnoticed) but I cannot help but wonder if it’s the fact that someone who works for the government (as an advisor) happens to want to bash the bishop whilst his wife’s away is more of the story for some? I mean, what if he’s not cleaning his hand between shakes and handing government documents?

Frankly, I couldn’t care less if he had a monthly subscription for Chicks With Dicks – as long as he isn’t insisting that his wife read out from the letters page at cabinet meetings – it doesn’t make any difference to how he does his job. I’m left wondering now that we’ve (thankfully) eliminated discrimination due to sex, sexual orientation, race etc. in the workplace one of the last bastions for narrow minded bigots is what someone gets up to behind closed doors at weekends? It’s exactly the same as the Max Mosley case – his spanking sessions had no effect on his ability to do his job but became the reason that he was no longer seen fit to even be seen in public. The fact that at least one of these papers (The Express) shouting from the rooftops about this is owned by Richard Desmond is besides the point, although presumably the justification is that he only deals in wholesome pornography such as Asian Babes & Readers Wives.

The national press still remains puritanical about sex, inside its closeted little world it cannot exist outside of the bedroom between two married adults for the sole reason of furthering the human race – unless of course the people in question happen to be attractive. So perhaps it’s more that un-attractive people cannot have sex lives, a sort of attempt to breed out ugly people?

Oh British press, you scamps!

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