Khan’s Naadam

Well I’m back in the real world (although I returned to work yesterday) after a weekend of fun at Maelstrom and everything seems to be playing catch up with me. I no longer ache quite as much, but the dodgy knees seem to have been replaced with a head cold (Sudafed is wonderful stuff) and I still feel as if I need a lot more sleep before I’ll feel completely human again.

Weekend was wonderful – once again part of Freeport as a favour to S (although going forward I’m finally playing the concept that I’ve been looking at for the last three events) and although we didn’t pull of all of our plans we did get a lot done. Worth it alone for the look on people’s faces when I came out with a string of expletives after meeting them in full Mokosh gear on the Friday night and the comment “I didn’t think you had it in you”.

Incidentally I now know the reason that dogs can’t look up in Maelstrom – you get a face full of your own spit that’s collected at the end of your mask. Still, the useful tip regarding sanitary products to combat this did do the trick. However this did make breathing even more of a challenge, especially when running at full tilt in the battle.

Really looking forward to the next event – lots planned and going back to causing as much trouble as possible, all in the best possible sense of course.

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