Anvil: The Story of Anvil

It is only about fifty minutes into this film that you actually mentally confirm to yourself that it isn’t an elaborate spoof. Everything up until then treads a fine between documentary and mockumentary that it is impossible to tell. However the sight of Steve & Robb opening their hearts to each other in such an impossibly real manner confirms that everything beforehand is real, that these are real people and you stop laughing and start crying – don’t worry though, these will become tears of happiness come the end of the film.

It’s impossible to say too much about what happens of the course of this eighty minute documentary without giving away the sheer joy that watching it is – I’m already waiting for it to come out on DVD because this really is a feel good film. Even if you have no interest in the music you cannot help but root for the two men at the centre of this strange tale, two fifty year olds still pursuing the dream despite thirty years of being ignored, because of their sheer bloody minded optimism, the dream that success may just be around the corner.

Along the way it plays like some demented tribute film to Spinal Tap (once again showing the genius of that film in being so right) with bits that you can almost tick off as being pastiche if they weren’t real. Anvil even recognise the fact that they might be Tap, but that’s sort of the point.

It’s unfortunately only on limited release, but DVD should introduce this film to the legion of fans it really deserves. However if you get the chance do go to see it on a big screen, surrounded by others who’ll follow the same emotional journey as you – you won’t regret it.

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