Monsters versus Woody Allen

Which despite being a film which I’d actually pay to see, isn’t the topic of discussion.

Monster’s versus Aliens is Dreamworks best animation since the original Shrek 2, not that difficult a task given that they’ve all been pretty much the same formula. Indeed the biggest compliment you can pay it is that you could easily mistake it for a Pixar film instead. Good fun in a brain-off mode, just sit back and try not to count the number of film references in it.

Voice cast is also superb, even going as far as to have cameo parts by big name actors (and not getting in the way of things). However as with all animations it’s the quality of the script that shines – jokes aplenty, characters you actually care about and no heavy handed moralising (there is a moral, but it’s not shoved down your throat).

Even better is Vicky Christina Barcelona, the sort of film that you remember that Woody Allen used to make before angst got in the way. It’s a light, frothy concoction that bears no relation to reality but is genuinely funny (a joke at the end regarding the Spanish teacher had the audience in tears). It’s unlikely to win him any new converts, but it will at least ensure that long suffering fans don’t give up on him altogether.

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