Early May Update

Well it’s been a busy start to the month, far busier than it has been for a long while as work is really beginning to pick up again as clients come back on line and decide to start spending money whilst contractors are cheap – it’s not quite as stupid as it has been in the past (I’m still in the office more than I’m out) but it is wonderful to be able to sink my teeth into some proper work.

Whilst in some ways it has been nice to have the pressure off for a couple of months, at the end of the day I’m a workaholic so the lack of anything constructive to do has been noticeable. Plus, let’s face it I got into this business to actually build things and I haven’t done that recently.

Away from work it’s been a mad-cap scramble to try and deal with an increasing number of Maelstrom related issues as various groups do this and that. After three years playing it’s good to actually feel as if I’m getting a handle on events and the way that things work. I think that previously I’ve never really connected with the bigger picture and now that I am it is more fun – plus getting to know a lot more people is always nice. Managed to make another convert last night so the madness can continue.

Plus must admit I’m having real fun hamming it up – beginning to realise that being larger than life has advantages (and disadvantages – it can be exhausting).

A bit less cycling of late than I’d normally like, although did manage to fit in a trip to Birmingham (just over four hours in total) at the end of April as part of a mad-cap scheme to be able to do consecutive days of fifty mile plus rides (mix of off road and on road) in the hope of doing a point-to-point ride next year. Still early stages in the planning and certainly in the training. However this weekend it looks like I’m going to be throwing myself down The Lickey Hills in Birmingham which should be fun.

I’ll comment on Coraline separately (apart from it’s fab), but went to see A Clockwork Orange again last week as part of the university’s Kubrick Season and there was a special bonus surprise in that the bloke who’d done the sound design was on hand to answer questions afterwards. Yes I’ve commented about Kubrick at length before but it was nice to hear something’s confirmed from the horses mouth (so to speak). Next week is Barry Lyndon which I’m particularly happy about as it’s one of the few I’ve not seen on a large screen before.

Other than that not much, but somehow felt guilty about not writing anything constructive (not that this is particularly constructive) for LJ for a while.

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