Weekend 12-14 June

Busy weekend with lots happening, but mostly good once I’d got past Friday. Friday on the other hand…

Part Three of four part dental work – and this was the big one, a crown fitting (following preparation on the previous visit) and an extraction. A grand total of seven anaesthetic injections were required, front & back of top & bottom jaw and then a further three in the palate – I’m still numb in at least one tooth some four days later I got shot up that much. Crown went on easily but the extraction was a different matter, breaking halfway through the procedure. Of course I couldn’t hear anything but the sound resonating inside my head left a little to be desired. One more visit for filling to adjacent teeth and I’m all sorted.

Back to work afterwards but honestly I was too spaced out to do anything that afternoon. Drove down to Birmingham early evening to see Sj ahead of trip to the opera on Saturday, with an easy night consisting of me being unable to string a coherent sentence together and watching The Royal Tenenbaums (still fab). Early night.

Saturday, down to London for trip to Covent Garden. Parked at Hillingdon and caught the tube in (£1 parking for future reference) and spent day looking around Tate Britain (the older one with the Turner Wing) and their Rothko exhibition Slightly odd sight of a children’s party having being held surrounded by Gilbert & George works (including Hunger). Spot of dinner before the opera (Parthenogenesis – will probably return to this later in the week when I’ve figured it out) and then drive back to Birmingham once we’d negotiated the half closed tube network. Slightly later night due to being able to have a drink of wine that evening and discussions about modern jazz, but lovely nonetheless.

Lie in on Sunday before leisurely drive home via E & K’s for a spot of BBQ. Passed out in the evening due to combination of fatigue and anaesthetic still in my system, but lovely weekend all the same.

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