In The Loop

Any characters that bear a similarity to Alistair Campbell are purely coincidental, the author & director of the film has in no way, shape or form used him as the basis for the foul mouth, mean spirited (and blisteringly funny) Malcolm Tucker.

Your appreciation of In The Loop will pretty much depend on your appreciation of spin and what it has done for modern politics. Whilst (hopefully) a greatly exaggerated example of the course of modern politics, In The Loop is merciless in showing how the government media machine attempts to alter our perception to its own ends rather than present a credible argument. Like all good satire it pushes the joke as far as it go whilst still retaining an air of truth.

It’s well worth watching, doubly so if you enjoyed “The Thick Of It”, but some may find the joke too uncomfortable. However, that may be the point.

What everyone will appreciate is the language (and inventive use of bad language in particular) that moves from cutting, to surreal and back again – often in the space of a single sentence. The unfussy direction is there just to show how clever the script and dialogue is – expect this to turn up on a few awards lists come early next year.

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