The Time Travellers Wife

Note: I’ve not read the book, so mileage may vary for those that have – however from discussions with those who have it seems to be fairly accurate to the book in terms of mood if not always in story.

The principal strength of The Time Travellers Wife lies in its casting – elsewhere the direction is unfussy lending an air of reality to what is a pretty fantastical tale, whilst the photography – whilst gorgeous – doesn’t push this into the realms of visual spectacle. But then again that isn’t really the point – this is very much an old fashioned two-hander and on that front it really does succeed.

As always Eric Bana is worth the ticket price alone – even in disappointing films (step forward Troy & The Hulk) he’s always worth watching. Here he produces a performance that hints throughout at the doomed nature of the romance that is to come whilst still selling the concept that up until a point this man is capable of surviving anything that is thrown at him. Likewise Rachel McAdams sells the idea of someone who has waited her entire life to meet for the first time a man she’s known her whole life (and that makes more sense when you see / read it than when you type it).

Elsewhere the cast is equally strong, Ron Livingstone (who failed to capitalise on the start Band of Brothers should have given him) impresses with relatively little screen time as the doubter who eventually becomes the closest confident of the time crossed lovers.

What is interesting is the timing of this film – it would be far more suited to a late autumn release where it could pull in a bigger audience. As it is it will probably only do moderate business, which is something of a shame.

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