Moseley Folk Festival

(Bit of a catch up from the last few weeks, sorry folks – been tres busy!).

Now the main attraction of this for me was a chance to see Beth Orton live, but I’ll return to that later. The Moseley Folk Festival has been going for a few years now and is certainly more family orientated than most, doing away with the whole camping issue and being a lot more relaxed about things in general.

Sj wanted to go and when I saw the aforementioned act was on then it was all good. The other acts were quite good, ranging from generic light, wafty music that I find pleasant to listen to but not particularly special through to mad cacophonies of sound born out of 70’s college bands (I seem to remember they were called Comus) which were excellent. Elsewhere there was the usual array of Festival stalls etc., albeit with a slightly more environmentally sound approach (the bar had recyclable glasses rather than disposable ones).

The main act for the evening was Beth Orton who didn’t disappoint, being utterly charming and displaying her wonderful voice through a succession of oldies (none of the “new direction” stuff that can be utterly soul destroying at things like this). Despite being bothered by a particularly amorous fly (not something you type everyday) and forgetting the words to some of her songs she was pretty much everything I’d wanted to see. No fancy stage set or complicated set up, just her and a guitar.

The wonderful atmosphere continued afterwards as the crowd gently walked away, no rowdiness or drunkenness to spoil the evening. Looking at going again next year, possibly for the three days instead of just on the Saturday.

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