Generation Kill – First Thoughts

Cards on the table – I’m a big fan of David Simon following “The Wire” so was expecting a lot from this before I even saw it – it’s all looking good so far.

The Good;
–    Introduce the characters, not the plot – yup, we’re right back at the start of “The Wire” and they’re telling us about the people we’ll be following rather than what the shows about. No problem with that.
–    Pacing, it moves pretty bloody fast and assumes we know the political situation that informs the show (lets face it, it’s difficult not to). No attempt to focus on the bigger picture means the show looks to have real focus.
–    James Ransone, who completely turns round his role as “Ziggy” in The Wire and proves to be the only person sane enough to really be there. How much does he look like Christian Bale?
–    The language is glorious, although not something that you’d watch in front of your grandmother (unless she’s as foul mouthed as a drunken sailor). Once again no attempt is made to simplify the language, but it all makes sense.
–    The humour, black as pitch.

The Bad;
–    Unsure about the Staff Sergeant, expect him to grow on me as a character in future episodes.
–    Bleach-colour-bypass, bit too stylised for something that sometimes has a documentary feel.

More thoughts as it progresses, but looking good so far.

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