New Moon

To fully . . . appreciate New Moon . . . it is necessary to . . . insert random dramatic . . . pauses into sentences as . . . a way of . . . indicating just . . . how angst ridden . . . you are.

Seriously, the film would be a good twenty minutes shorter if they’d removed . . . some of the pauses (I’ll stop now). Now I know I’m not really the target audience for this kind of film, but truth be told I actually quite liked the first one. It was decently acted, had some wonderful directorial touches and just was far better than I expected. New Moon gains a new director, one who’s track record is far shakier and once again I’m reluctantly liking it.

Yes, the gender politics are still appalling (women fall for stalkers because deep down it’s all about protection) and the two principal leads seem to occasionally confuse brooding with constipation, but once again it looks wonderful (a quick check this morning indicates it has a new cinematographer, but they do a good job of mimicking the visual style of the first film) and the soundtrack is very, very good.

A weak point in the first film was that the (few) action sequences lacked any punch, here they’re given a bit more impact but occasionally suffer from a lack of weight that can be associated with CGI.

Overall its better than most mainstream blockbusters being turned out by jobbing directors (Chris Weitz couldn’t be described as anything else), although once again I’d say you wouldn’t be missing anything by waiting to catch it on DVD. One thing the film has huge appeal as is a future audience participation event – there were times when everyone was laughing at just how over-the-top some of it was.

It just really needs to lose the pauses…

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