So, last day at work before the forthcoming holiday and can’t deny that I’m feeling ready for it. It’s been a busy couple of weeks and I’m really looking forward to the New Year when things begin to calm down a little. Having said all of that it’s all been good stuff, or stuff that I wouldn’t have missed.

One side of this is that I’ve seen a fair bit of the country blanketed by snow and other wintery goodness. As I look out of the office window on my last day this year the world is once again returning to a brown / grey version rather than the pristine white that we had. I love the snow, sure it makes journeys more difficult, but rarely impossible provided you’re sensible about things.

The other week Sj and I ventured up to Edinburgh on family business. It was one of those wonderful few days where an entire city becomes enveloped in fog. On the drive back we (unintentionally) made our way down to the 7 Stanes where everything had a thick layer of frost giving the landscape a beautiful jewelled look. The road was a little icy, but nothing to worry about if approached sensibly.

This weekend was C’s birthday which was on the edge of Buxton. This time the snow was a little bit trickier, but again precautions (such as travelling in convoy) ensured everyone got home safe. There was something lovely about everyone setting out together and occasionally having to stop to help push people up hills. When we got to Ashbourne (where the road cleared) a cup of tea cleared everyone’s spirits and it felt like a proper end to the weekend.

Yesterday a colleague and I travelled up to Dunfermline – a fourteen hour door to door experience in total – in order to try to secure a new client. I’m not sure as to how the actual meeting went yet (okay, it seemed positive, but you never really know) but the journey was fantastic. Britain under inches of snow looks beautiful.

My only regret is that I’ve not managed to get a few miles in on the bike in the stuff, indeed the bike hasn’t seen the light of day for a few weeks. Hopefully this will change (actually, it will have to) in January when I finish putting the new bike together (I treated myself to a new frame) and can start playing. Fingers crossed this isn’t the last of the good (bad) weather.

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