Playing Catch-up

Like everyone else I’ve had a busy time over the last few weeks, far too busy to sit down and write something on LJ despite good intentions and all. The coming weekend is no exception, although if the current weather continues the plans may alter a little (hopefully no too much) but after that things start to ease up a little meaning that there may be a few weeks / weekends when I’m not running around the country like a lunatic trying to fit six meetings in where there is only space for four.

The Christmas break was good, although there was an awful lot of driving at times. The first half was spent down with Sj’s folks, with the second half at mine. Surprisingly restful in all (and surprisingly sober) with as much time just sitting around reading as doing the usual trawls around the family which means that I feel sort of rested – the complete lack of work related phonecalls came as a pleasant surprise.

The really nice things is that Sj and I got to spend longer together than we’ve managed previously, which was good. We even managed to get a few things done which we’d been planning for a while, although as per usual we still have a list of things that need to be done (and New Year inevitably means starting countdowns to things such as the first LARP of the year).

It would be somewhat remiss of me not to comment on Doctor Who given that it was the only thing we actively planned around, but I found it utterly wonderful and a suitable send off for all involved. As much as Davies has been targeted (sometimes with justification) for being overly sentimental here it felt perfect, and that last Tennant line was wonderful – big lump in the throat moment.

And if nothing else he brought back Doctor Who to Saturday night TV, truly the geek shall inherit the Earth.

So life’s been good, with nothing much to comment on. I’ve got a few films from the tail end of 2009 to play catch up with comment wise, but nothing more than that really.

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