Well, that’s that bet securely lost…

Back in the old days I had a bet with E as to who would be the first of us to be published – E won in that I was and thus had to buy her tea (which doesn’t sound much until you factor in that tea was at The Russian Tea Room in New York – yes travel was included as part of the bet) to celebrate. I forget how it happened, but I think she’d factored in that I’d be in the end of year catalogue for the university art department – a sneaky bet.

Well, this morning I’ve thoroughly lost the bet. We receive various trade magazines at work and one was put on my desk (and is now waiting to be shown to everyone I know who’ll care) that had a familiar looking cover – a project I did last year (and one that I complained about here). Inside there was also a small article about the same. So, bet can be considered thoroughly lost now (although E was also published last year in a psychological review journal, so in terms of credibility she’s clearly winning).

The ironic thing is that the article focuses on the tiling at the project, despite the fact that the tiling was the worst aspect of it and was responsible for it not being completed on time – still, not letting that get in the way of being chuffed this morning as a result.

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