Corporate Hospitality

Well, I’ve somehow managed to survive a busy old weekend that’s been a great deal of fun (far more fun than it would initially appear) but has left me feeling absolutely shattered now that I’m back at work – although it’s because of work that I’m shattered so they can’t complain.

Friday Saturday was normal weekend stuff, although Sj and I did manage to fit in a birthday do on the Friday night. However Sunday and its prospects always loomed large so I was forced to take it easy. The fact that I can still function today and have had no ill effects is something I’ve not quite come to terms with yet, it really doesn’t make sense.

We’ve been courting a new client recently, one that I managed to make through another project I was involved in. Anyway, it’s a little unusual in that the client also owns a construction company and therefore is also looking to gain business from ourselves, so they’re courting us as much as we them – it all gets a bit confusing at times. Well said client / contractor is also the Director of a Scottish Football Club, one who had a very important game this weekend and both myself (as initial contact) and one of the Partners were invited up to see it. The only downside was that it was a 12:15 Sunday Kick-off with a five hour drive beforehand.

Thus on Sunday I found myself waking at the un-Godly hour of 4:30 and then driving over to Manchester before the big haul up north – all to play nice and drink and watch a football match that if we were honest we already knew the result of (and hey, we turned out to be right…). It was a stupidly long day.

Looking back now it was all worth it for the contacts we have hopefully made – and the match itself wasn’t too bad – but at the time it felt far more like hard work than a relaxing day out. Somehow Corporate Hospitality seems to automatically equal drink, but somehow I managed to keep this to a sensible level (but still cannot figure out for the life of me how I managed to have no hangover yesterday). The drive back yesterday was subdued, but thankfully I wasn’t driving. A nice relaxing evening followed and I even managed to fit in a bike ride (new bike handles lovely).

We’re going to return the favour soon and introduce them to other clients as well, but I think I need to fully detox the body before I can even contemplate that.

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