Before we run out of February

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve last been able to write anything here, not through lack of trying but just that I’ve never seemed to get around to doing so. Some part of my brain always feels a little guilty about this – never quite worked out why – but thought I’d better give proof of life before the month was out.

Work related catch up; it’s been getting increasingly busy at work eating into my time to do, well, anything. Not stupidly busy like the summer of 2008, but busy enough that I’m beginning to notice. Not complaining however as it certainly is providing some job security which relaxes the mind a hell of a lot (hopefully the pay re-instatement will follow soon as well). I’ve managed to secure a few new clients for us which will hopefully pay off in the future as well and there is some interesting stuff on the horizon so fingers crossed.

Life; it’s all good. Sj and I managed to get away for a long weekend the other week which was lovely (although I had managed to come down with an infection following a particularly bad asthma attack had left me with a burnt trachea) and last week we managed to see Steve Reich’s “Drumming” at the Birmingham Town Hall which was absolutely fabulous. Other than that it’s been fairly quiet – but in a good way.

I’ve been sorting out a new car after the mileage on my current one hit an uncomfortable level. Have decided to move away from Ford due to a) the new Fiesta being barely big enough to place a cat in, let alone swing one b) Ford’s 20% price hike across the board. Looks like I’ll be getting a Fabia, but you can’t make Skoda jokes as I’ve already owned one in the past when they were Communist death traps (although I loved it because of the sheer amount of shit you could fit in one).

Still not managed to get a proper play in the snow on new bike , in fact with infection I’ve been out on it very little in an effort to actually allow myself to get better.

Next few weeks look fairly relaxed as well, although I’m sure there’ll be a panic on the horizon somewhere (did anyone mention ‘Strom).

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