Catch Up

Busy old weekend which has left me feeling better for having gone back into work for a rest rather than continue with the weekend – it’s been fun but seriously knackering. Friday was just the end of a busy week so just decided to have a rest, watched a bit of TV and mooched around. All in all a restful night.

Saturday was officially “Tackle Sj’s Garden” Day which involved chopping down as much of the grass / weed amalgamation as possible, killing off all of the knotweed and dropping one full size tree and about a dozen leylandii. Six hours later the grass and weeds had gone only to be replaced with the remnants of the trees (Ghatanothoa / LittleOnionz – we have about a van full of ex-tree for your log fire should you want it, give us a shout to sort something out if you do) and a solid dose of industrial weed killer in the worst parts of the infestation (thankfully at the bottom of the garden for the most part). Ached from head to foot as a result of this and the unplanned dismount on Thursday night (bank + staircase + front brake = bad plan).

Saturday night St & A came over and cooked for us which was great as I didn’t feel like doing anything.

Sunday met up with C and her new fella for lunch before home and a short blast around the local hills – took things at a far more sedate pace than normal as Sj was with me (and is getting more used to the hills). Watched the second half and extra time of the rugby football, wish Holland had won despite their chopper antics. Fell asleep in pretty short order as a result of weekend.

Lovely weekend, but far too much done and now beginning to feel the results of it all.

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