Weekend 23 July 2010

Busy old weekend full of weddings, birthdays and parental meetings – in fact it may have been less tiring if I’d gone to Maelstrom (although that isn’t a complaint that I missed it, rather a comparison of how busy it was). I was wise enough to book a few days either side of the weekend off but I still felt absolutely knackered yesterday.

Friday Sj and I drove down to Essex ahead of a friends wedding on Saturday – although we did manage to grab some sushi in Birmingham ahead of this and Sj dragged me bag shopping (the definition of how to make half an hour last a lifetime). Journey down was okay-ish, although the continued fifty speed restrictions is still adding forty odd minutes to the journey. Tried to watch a bit of Tremors in the evening but was just too tired.

Saturday we drove over to the wedding which was lovely. Probably the only wedding I’ll ever go where the Bride performed a human beatbox routine (which highlights that it was one of Sj’s musical friends). We grabbed a lift back at the end of the evening which meant we could have a drink. Lovely day and the weather stayed dry and bright all day which is always a bonus.

Up early on the Sunday and cycled to the station to fetch the car (which did wonders in ensuring I didn’t get a hangover). Spot of breakfast before driving back oop-north to get Sj to a concert, although I admit I actually fell asleep in the car park after the day rather than go to see it.

Monday drove up to Manchester to see Sj’s Gran for her ninety-eighth birthday, which was a lovely day. She’s reached that age where she just says whatever she wants as no-one is going to pick an argument with her. She is lovely however. That evening was the faintly terrifying prospect of the parental meetup – although everybody got on (which we figured they would anyway) and the meal was nice as well. My parents are travelling down south to Sj’s parents next weekend for their fortieth wedding anniversary, so this was something of a trial run.

Returning to work has rarely felt like such a rest…

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