Life In The Building Trade

After eighteen months of uncertainty things have once again began to pick up at work with some clients once again realising that they have money to spend – we aren’t out of the shit yet but we aren’t quite up to our necks in it.

Unfortunately the return of busier times also sees the return of stupidity. I’m about at the stage where I’m ready to strangle the tiling suppliers (not the tilers themselves who are also having to put up with this stupidity) due to what can only be described as an inability to count. They are supposed to keep four clubs in hand (stock wise) at any time and inform us if there are any problems with supply – somehow this translates into running out of tiles during the August shutdown because they didn’t have any stock control and then failing to mention it until the walls were half tiled.

Consequently we are now in the process of removing perfectly good tiles from walls in order that the entrance to one changing room isn’t different from another (which may seem like a small thing, but we are talking a lot of tiling here and it doesn’t do the wall below much good either). All of this would be manageable if we weren’t supposed to be handing the project over next week and there weren’t a raft of issues that this is having an effect on – little things like filling the pool for example.

It’s been a while since I’ve encountered concentrated stupid at work, and whilst this isn’t Grade-A Stupid there’s still probably time for that.

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