Piranha 3D

By any rational standards Piranha 3D is absolute tosh from beginning to end – hell, even by irrational standards its absolute tosh from beginning to end. Outside of animation a sub ninety minute running time is usually a sign of deep trouble as well (what did they have to cut to get it to even work in this fashion?) and 3D is fast becoming shorthand for “Quick, hide something!”

Yet somehow Piranha 3D skirts above this by force of sheer demented willingness not to conform with anything approaching normal acceptable filmmaking (or taste). It is tosh, but it knows it is and instead piles excess on excess until you just give in and go along with it.

Regurgitated half-digested penis? Check!

Underwater lesbian scene? Check!

Death by rotor blade? Check!

Just when you think it can’t get any more stupid it outdoes the previous minute. I’m not sure I can recommend it in any normal fashion but I suspect that drunk this could be an absolute hoot.

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