Birthday catch up…

It’s been a busy few weeks in which somehow Sj and I still managed to crowbar our birthday’s into despite things turning more than a little skewy at times.

Sj’s Gran is still in hospital, but would appear to be on the mend (albeit slowly) and as of today is being moved out of the normal hospital into a more care based environment. At 98 it’s pretty difficult to believe how tough she can be but fingers crossed that everything is on the mend.

Sj and I had a lovely joint birthday thing which was mainly an excuse for a nice meal and then a few drinks. Meal was lovely but it was very difficult to get fully around the table and I felt sorry for the poor waitress who had to deal with us. Afterwards we ended up in Baccus where much strawberry flavoured wheat beer was drunk. Surprisingly the next day I did not have a hangover which was more than could be said for Sj, poor thing. Recovery breakfast the day after was great before we whisked ourselves up the M6 to see Granny again.

Work continues to be weird, although we may well be better off shot of “The Client”, who continues to impress with his stupidity. I’ve got a busy week coming up ahead of a week off, so trying to get that all sorted (which means I probably shouldn’t be slacking on LJ…).

See you all soon.

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