Winter Break

Well the winter break is well and truly over, as evidenced by the fact that I’m back in work and have already written my first snark-filled email to “They Who Must Not Be Named” with regards their continuing conduct as a Contractor. I did manage to hold off on doing so until after midday, which in view of their behaviour I’m taking as something of a moral victory.

It’s been a quiet Solstice / Christmas / New Year which – looking back at – I’m sort of grateful of as it’s forced me into at least having a rest. Sj has been ill for much of it (sometimes worryingly so) which meant that instead of rushing from one engagement to another we’ve mostly been home doing very little. It’s been lovely, although I do regret not getting as much reading done as I would have liked, nor taking advantage of the fact I could have an afternoon nap.

Two Christmas lunches are possible, but you will end up feel like a big ol’ bloater afterwards. Fortunately I’ve re-hit the bike with renewed gusto after a relatively dry spell in December – unfortunately I also managed to hit the ground at speed, bending my thumb back in the process and making it painful to do simple things like hold a pen at the moment due to the swelling / bruising. Ah well, goes with the territory I guess. Elsewhere much food was ate and there was occasional drink. Apart from being spectacularly drunk after the works do I’ve been a good boy mostly.

We split the holiday between sets of folks (who also met up again, all went well) so apart from a small amount of driving in the middle it’s been fairly easy going. For the first time in years New Year’s Eve was spent at home, but I really quiet liked that to be honest. Hopefully things will start to pick up works wise and be a bit busier in 2011.

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