A Brief(ish) Catch Up

It’s been a funny old few weeks since I last managed to write anything around here – I know I’ve been busy with work and life and stuff, but I’m not really sure how exactly I’ve been busy with work and life and stuff. Time seems to be getting the better of me, or at least I feel like it’s getting the better of me.

Works wise things are still picking up – for the first time in what feels like an age I’ve got two larger jobs on site at the same time, neither is particularly local but that doesn’t really bother me, and both involve a lot more hacking & digging that I usually get involved in (both involving digging large holes in the ground and then driving even larger chunks of concrete into said holes). It’s all good fun and hopefully sign that the industry is beginning to recover (fingers crossed).

Outside of works things have been pootling along nicely – although once again I’m kind of at a loss as to where time is actually going. Hopefully with the change in the hour this weekend I’ll be able to get a few more mid-week miles in on the bike (I’ve been shockingly lax over the winter if perfectly honest). In an effort to improve my cycling I’ve switched from a suspension to a rigid fork. Liking it so far but cobblestones are an absolute pain and my arms feel as if I’ve been battered senseless after each ride at the moment.

Down in Southampton for a family get together this weekend before a day off on Monday to play catch up with a few things. Strom’s rolling around soon and the list of jobs I intended to get done remains the same length as when I first wrote it – oops!

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