A Brief(ish) Update

It’s been nearly a month since I last updated LJ, not through lack of a desire to do so but finding the time has been a real issue. Life has been pretty hectic (and not always in a good way) and priorities have certainly been elsewhere, but we can now see the end of things on the horizon and things will hopefully start to become a little easier.

Life has (understandably) been dominated by Sj’s Grandmother – a grand woman of a not inconsiderable ninety-eight years she was taken seriously ill near the beginning of April and we were informed that she probably didn’t have long left. Understandably all other plans were dropped in order that we could prioritise as much time as possible with her – not the easiest proposition when the closest family member is nearly one hundred miles away – and we all managed to spend as much time as we needed to with her in the end. At ninety-eight it’s difficult to complain that she’s gone, but considering some of the adventures she’d been through in her life (seriously, you could write a book just detailing war time exploits / trials alone) it feels a little odd that something so simple was the final reason.

Friends came out to help us (and this is really a thank you to them). Our normally busy social schedule / commitments was suddenly dealt with without us having to do anything, a party that was planned for someone’s birthday that would have been at Sj’s suddenly had a new location (and all those sleeping overnight new digs) without us raising a finger. Lifts and alternative transport were found for people before I’d even thought of it as an issue. A night we’d planned for a while moved around a few times to accommodate us (and in the end was probably the most relaxing evening we’d had for a while). It was all little stuff but it was greatly appreciated.

The funeral’s next Monday due to the added complexity that two Bank Holiday’s and German relatives needing to travel has caused. Sj and I are possibly looking to try to get a weekend away sometime in the near future to try to relax after all of this.

Elsewhere things have continued much as always. Work seems to be picking up (although the Partners are remaining a little cagey with regards what our actual income is) and I’m running around the country like a lunatic at the moment. I’m trying to get some things sorted ahead of the second ‘Strom event (but are very much suffering from “Maybe I can put it off?” Syndrome) and the better weather has meant I’ve got some cycling done, but that’s it really.

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