The Trip

No, not the old Roger Corman / Monkee’s / Jack Nicholson film (or am I part confusing that with Head, which was similarly squiffy), but rather the last weeks break from work which has seen trips to Germany for weddings and a holiday, a trip to see Doctor Who do Shakespear and Portsmouth. As per usual the sign of a good holiday can be measured by how knackered you are afterwards.

First of all Sj and I travelled to Hamburg for a family wedding. This was my first time on Germany (and more importantly) and the first proper holiday with S. We had a great time and travelled down to Frankfurt (like driving from Glasgow to the South Coast) afterwards care of a very friendly father and son driving team (Germany has organised hitch-hiking – very civilised) at a steady speed of, well, best not say. If Hamburg was old Germany, or looked like it, Frankfurt was all sleek lines and modern. S coped with the language easily, I came away able to speak pigeon German, certainly enough for a start next time.

Things learnt in Germany – German weddings are hardcore (we left at two-thirty in the morning and they were still going), they have zero musical taste (Eurovision songs without a hint of irony) but the people are incredibly friendly. Oh, and people will still overtake you when you’re doing 140mph on the Autobahn.

Having flown back to Blighty we then went to see “Much Ado About Nothing” with David Tennant and Catherine Tate. Was all terrific fun, more towards the slapstick end of the scale than profound comedy, but never less than entertaining; Mr. Tennant certainly seems to have a flair for physical comedy and it all sparked along nicely. Afterwards S travelled home to her parents and I travelled down to Pertsmouth with C to scope out a location for a Steampunk event later in the year.

Back to Sj’s folks on Sunday before dropping back to Earth with a bang (and no water or electric) with a meeting in Ipswich yesterday. I’m back there on Friday for completion, although the logistics of how we complete a building with no power or electric are currently confusing me.

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