The Bridge / Bron / Broen

Five weeks after it started, BBC3’s latest Scandinavian Crime Drama finished last weekend, leaving almost as many questions at the end as it began with. If you’ve not watched it yet, it should all still be on iPlayer, but for those that did…(obvious spoilers follow)…

  • The switch from terrorist to revenge drama felt slightly jarring, but the signs were there from the start and it obviously had been written that way rather than running out of plot mid series (as per 24 for instance).
  • Likewise the revelation regarding plastic surgery was a little too off kilter for my liking, although was necessary for the plan to work. Despite the genius killer angle, it felt a little too left-field.
  • Given the amount of reconstructive surgery Jens had, wouldn’t he be required to have some sort of counselling before work could begin? Or is this a subtle comment on private healthcare?
  • The “Five Year Plan” element felt very Seven, and the earlier episodes had a similar feel, although never quite as much splatter element, more understated. Likewise the police procedure was very like Zodiac, so someone obviously liked Fincher.
  • Given that Jens was not killed in the end, has it really ended? Given how far he planned ahead, are further things planned whilst he’s on trial / in prison? The box of paper that couldn’t be linked to any of the crimes may indicate so.
  • Whilst Saga / Martin obviously have built up quite a rapport, would the authorities ever let them work together again? She did shoot him and both carried out numerous illegal activities in the other country, how on earth will they get around this fact for Series Two?
  • The switch between Saga initially being the one who didn’t conform to social norms to Martin being even more willing to break them was nice, as was the fact that at the critical point she still was unable to lie – maybe Anton will help in this regard?
  • Charlotte & The Wig? There may be beer involved for anyone who can explain this one in a credible fashion!
  • Did the five truths have anything to do with what was going on, or were they just a distraction from the truth?
  • How did Jens plan on getting Martin involved if another Detective had been sent in his place?
  • How much will they screw this up if they try to translate it into America / Canada?
  • Or Mexico?

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