Life in Grantremble

Grantremble was a pleasant place. The people were (for the most part) good, the air was clean and the town tidy. People went about their daily lives without much complaint – nothing much seemed to exist to spoil the mood. The town enjoyed good employment, its schools were good and its old people were cared for.

But behind the curtain of Grantremble things were different. The wizards that pulled the levers and pushed the buttons that kept Grantremble running were forever arguing amongst themselves about what they should do to make Grantremble a better place for everyone (especially themselves), so much so that not one of them was willing to make a decision for themselves lest the other wizards blame them if things went wrong. They even argued over the colour that the town minutes were written in lest the townspeople think that the Blue Wizard had agreed to everything that the Green Wizard had asked for because the ink was blue!

It was all very silly!

The problem was that because they wouldn’t make decisions, every new decision took longer and longer than the last one until finally they were trying to decide who should be allowed to decide!

It was all very silly!

Sometimes the Wizards would try to be cunning and would make a decision for themselves without telling the other wizards that a decision was even needed! Usually this was because the it was for beads and trinkets when what Grantremble really needed was paths and roads, but hopefully no one would ever find out about this.

Which wasn’t silly, but was very annoying for the other wizards when they found out!

And so Grantremble remained the same. Nothing really changed. The ducks continued to swim in the wrong duck pond (which didn’t bother anyone) and occasionally the kids wouldn’t have anywhere to go at night, but no one really complained, because no one was paying attention to what was going on behind the curtain.

Which was really rather silly…

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