The Thirty Seven

I’m aware that I’ve not been writing in this blog as much as I’d have liked over the last few weeks, not for the lack of anything to say but because both work & life have been busy (in a good way). Anyway, I’ve decided to try and rectify this so I’ve set myself a little project to try to stay writing. Most of the time I seem to tend to write about film (and film related topics) so I thought it would make sense not to stray too far from that, so I’ve come up with the concept of The Thirty Seven.

Basically, between now and my thirty-seventh I’m going to pick a film from each full year I’m able to (so 1975 is included because we can choose from all the films from that year, 2012 is not) and write about it. There’s no real consistency to the films I’ve picked, sometimes they’re my favourite from that year, or the one that I considered to be miles ahead in quality (the two are not always the same…) and sometimes because I just really want to write about them. Sometimes it may be easy to guess what film I’ll have picked from a given year (I don’t think anyone who knows me will be surprised by my first choice), others may be less obvious.

In order to attempt to remain sane with regards the choice I decided to use the date of the American release (I admit there’s a strong American bias to the choice) rather than the UK date as often (especially with films released ahead of the award season) they’ll be different in order to qualify. This does create some oddities, but it seemed simpler this way.

Any, 1975 – the birth of the Summer Blockbuster.

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