Shitting: A LARP’ers Guide

The subtle art of defecation is one that is often overlooked in the LARP environment, but those that wish to take their play experience to the next level then the why’s and the where fore’s of how to take a dump can sometimes offer a fresh perspective on the roleplay
experience. Whilst the casual player will find it sufficient merely to determine the true origin of their fathers sword, the real method roleplayer will tailor each extrusion to reveal subtle insights into their delicate creation.

The first question one must ask oneself when taking a squat is “What is my motivation?” Is it simply a matter of expediency, or do my actions have a deeper meaning within the game world? Motivation is often tied closely to location, if one takes time to find a secluded place in the woods (perhaps in order to communicate with the animalistic side of one’s character) then you are showing a respect of the social norms of the society you have chosen to be part of. If however you merely drop your trousers and let rip where you are then you are indicating that your time is precious and that you don’t have time to worry about offending people. The right location may also prove a suitable means of declaring war on one’s enemies. Think about you motivation.

Feces also has a permanent effect upon the game world, and so thought should be given as to how exactly you wish to leave your mark? The author recommends that those who have the time use the long winter between events to experiment with their diet in order to achieve a consistency and odour that says something about you! This will take time, but the results are sure to impress your fellow roleplayers with your commitment to character!

Of course there are many other questions that you can ask yourself on this subject to fully enrich your experience, but one small trick that is often overlooked by the beginner is to make sure that one never truly voids the bowel completely. The retained matter can then be expelled on character death to show your commitment to realism.

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed this brief guide to shitting at LARP events. My only final note is to be sure that your fellow players are comfortable with your actions by allowing them to discuss it afterwards. Who knows, maybe it will even reveal something about their characters as well!

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