A funny thing happened in the middle of a writing project

So, about a month ago I appeared on here full of the joys of a new autumn saying that I realised that I hadn’t been posting as much as before and planning to pick a film for every year I’d been around as a means of getting back into regular writing.

Then stuff happened, BIG stuff – major stuff and it all went by the wayside as I hit the twentieth film (Heat – still I think the best film of the 90’s by a long margin) and it all ended up going south. I didn’t quite have enough time to manage it all, but the list was made and I’m determined that I’m going to finish it, but not to the original timeframe.

So, big news? Well, as of last weekend I am no longer a resident of The Potteries, having moved far, far into the north to – well, Stockport. Sj is moving up to join me in three weeks time at half term, at which point we’ll both be residents of this fine area. At present I’m living in a house that is halfway between box factory and camping field, but last night was the first night when things began to look a little more sane.

Meanwhile work continues apace, with things continuing on the upward trend we’ve seen over the last six months. However it is nice to only have a twenty minute commute in the morning, and pretty soon I’ll be able to start cycling into work (once the bike moves up as well – there’s no space for it at the moment).

We’ll keep everybody updated, and I’m sure there’ll be invites to visit in the near future – but, basically that’s my pitiful excuse for failing on my (self imposed) blogging challenge. Hopefully come next week I’ll be in a position to start it all up again properly.

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