And a Happy New Year…

I’m still getting used to the concept of it being 2013, it only seems like yesterday that it was only just 2012, but that was twelve months ago and a lot has certainly changed since then. The good news is that it’s all been for the better, and things are certainly more promising in the future.

Sj & I are down to the final few boxes in the unpacking stakes – although then I’ve got to go and fetch the piles of LARP equipment still sitting in my parents shed so the garage will still have some stuff in it. Sj has her first Manchester based student starting this week, so hopefully they will be the first of many. We’re still finding our feet in Stockport and we need to find out what’s around locally, but that’s not going to be too great a hardship.

It’s also great that my commute is now down to twenty-five minutes in the car (forty-five minutes on the bike, an hour by public transport) meaning I’m getting home earlier and then not having to go out on the bike afterwards for exercise – although I need to start getting a few longer rides under the belt so that I’m not completely reliant on commuting for exercise.

In spite of my reduced commute I still seem to be spending an inordinate amount of time in the car as work continues to pick up. Fingers crossed that we’re actually nearing the end of this recession – we’re certainly noticing an uplift in our workload and it’s all a little more comfortable than it was this time last year (and certainly more than it was two years ago). As part of my “drive less” strategy I’m also using public transport to get to further away meetings in order to be a little greener / get more sleep. Still, I’ve got to drive to Cheltenham at stupid-o-clock tomorrow, so it isn’t always possible. The good news on the works front is that I’ve actually got some interesting buildings to work on.

The company I work for celebrates its centenary this year so we’re holding a few events to celebrate. One thing we’re intending is to cycle from the Manchester office to the Southport office, and I’ve been asked to organise the route. My first comment was surely cycling from the Glasgow office to the Southport office would be more impressive, but this fell on deaf ears for the majority of people (many off whom baulked at the idea of forty miles, never mind two-hundred & fifty). If anyone knows a safe route out of Trafford that doesn’t involve dual carriageways feel free to tell me.

And that ends my little update, normal (slightly surly) service will no doubt resume soon, but I’m feeling chipper at the moment so there.

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