We’ll start with a catch up…

This morning I logged into WordPress to realise that it’s been well over a month since I last sat down and wrote anything (even trivial) in my blog, and that really that isn’t on. When I first started a blog some six or so years ago it was as a means of ensuring that I remained writing something other than the inevitable tranche of legal letters, emails & specifications that my job entails – but the truth is I know I’ve been lax in this department of late. The last time I tried to jump start the process the small matter of moving in with Sj got in the way of me finishing it (I still intend to), but I’m not complaining about that. I do keep intending to write something, but inevitably other things get in the way.

The lax behavior on my part is mainly due to an ever increasing workload – if the Building Industry is a good indicator of the future behavior of the economy then we (as a company) seem to be turning a corner. We’re not quite out of the woods yet, but the wealth of potential projects sat on my desk at the moment mean it looks a little rosier than it has for the past few years. Some of the jobs even have the potential to be enjoyable – yes, there’ll be the inevitable problems, but we appear to have clients that at least have a basic understanding of the building process. There’s a little less travelling involved at the moment, but I’m still spending a fair portion of the week out of the office and on the road still.

This is also one of the reasons that we won’t be at the first Empire event this Easter, simply put we haven’t had the time to properly prepare for the event (we have produced zero kit) and don’t want to do things half-heartedly. If I’m brutally honest I’m also slightly reticent about committing fully to a new system when I have reservations about how the old one petered out come the end. I’ve mused about PD’s lack of definite plans with regards the end of Maelstrom before so won’t reiterate them here, but nothing has really grabbed me regarding Empire so far, and I must admit I didn’t drink the Kool Aid enough last time to be blind to the potential problems. Feedback after the first event will be looked at before I make a final decision. Of course, this could all just be part of my general malaise towards large-scale LARP at the moment, but we’ll have to see. We will be trying it at some point, but I’m not feeling the keen so far.

Anyway, I need to get back to work – we’ve got a job going out to tender at the end of today and I’m still collating all the information. Hopefully this won’t be the last post for a while.

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