Memories of green

It’s been a strange old Christmas & New Year, relaxing as per usual (with two days back in work this week that can best be described as “light duty”) in between the more usual running about the country to see relatives. It’s all been very nice, even though we haven’t been able to quite catch up with everyone we wanted to (and I’ve not managed to read as much as I’d usually like) but it’s all occasionally got a bit “otherworldly” for want of a better phrase as the likely events of January loom on the horizon.

Simply, the folks are uprooting and moving – and not to just around the corner, across a significant chunk of country. They’ll still be reachable (who isn’t), but it’s an odd experience to realise that the area you associate with your parents (even when visiting friends I am aware of that they are also in the vicinity) will no longer be where your parents live. Instead, somewhere north-west of that location will take over, a place altogether flatter and more…coastal, will be instead. My home town will still be my home town, and I still know plenty of people there, but it’s going to a little bit different.

Now, I don’t begrudge them the move, from all sides it’s a brilliant decision by them for a variety of reasons, but it’s all a bit weird at times. Likewise, packing up everything that you just sort of left at the parents is all a bit weird also. I didn’t realise I had so much university stuff (I foresee a lot of scanning in the near future), along with school stuff, the stuff that gets built up over the years. It now all needs to be sorted, which again all seems a little bit weird. I’m looking forward to seeing the new place (I’ve seen photos), but I suspect I’ll have to switch off the auto-pilot when I’m in the vicinity for the first few months.

The oddest thing has been out on the bike. As usual, the bikes been taken along for the extended break in order to keep the mileage up, but going around the old familiar trails (for the first time in about eighteen months is all a bit weird, it will be easy to bung the bike in the back of the car and go for a spin in the future, but not getting home and having a cuppa afterwards is odd. Thankfully (in an odd way) they’ve tarmacked much of the old route, so it already feels substantially different.

So, there we have it. Normal(ish) service will resume soon enough, I need to complain about Peter Jackson again for a start.

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