The “I’ve been utterly ignoring a blog update” blog update…

So, over two months since I actually sat down and wrote anything meaningful (or even meaningless) for my blog – not for want of trying – but time and (to be frank) an element of Writer’s Block seems to have gotten in the way.

Time is the big factor, quite simply the workload continues to ramp up (we’re interviewing as a company for the first time in five years) and I’m sometimes left wondering just how I’m actually going to manage to get everything through the door on time at the moment (so writing this is adding to that stress a little, but hey, I need a break). Add to that moving not only my parents (from a house they were in for nearly thirty-five years) from one part of the country to another, plus moving my closest friend (plus a load of other stuff that I don’t want to go into, but nothing to worry about) and I’ve found myself with very little time and energy for anything else.

There also appears to be another family move on the horizon, by the end of the year I may have been involved with moving five people (we’ll have to see) so at least I’ll have had some practice.

I’m not complaining about the workload (I’ve been given help and it’s lovely to have proper job security for the first time in years), but I just need to get the next few weeks out of the way before I can begin to see the horizon.

There have been some casualties to all of this, I’ve not quite managed to log the miles on the bike I’d like to and I’m aware that September (and the planned charity event) will have an alarming habit of being upon me before I know it. As I’ve stated before the distance isn’t worrying me that much (I’m doing approximately thirty miles a day to and from work), but the climbing is. Fortunately the parents have moved within ten minutes of Snowdonia, so I’ve pretty much got the perfect training opportunity on their doorstep now (“Hello Mum & Dad, I’m off for a trip up Snowdon!”) which is something they’re fully aware of. I did manage a trip to Gisburn Forest about a month ago, but that just showed how rusty some of my skills had become and also led to the bike being on the blocks for a fortnight after I had an unfortunate encounter with a very deep puddle!

I need to start getting more miles and more climbs in.

It also explains the lack of cinema recently, it’s not that there hasn’t been anything to see but just that there hasn’t been any time for it, hence lack of reviews. I didn’t even have chance to comment on the fifteenth anniversary of Kubrick’s death (although I am currently re-watching his final film with Sj who has never seen it before).

Anyway, I’m not promising anything like normal service will resume (although I may try to update at least once a week where possible), but I am aware that this is still here.

One thought on “The “I’ve been utterly ignoring a blog update” blog update…”

  1. Oh this is oh so familiar !!! Except for moving people , read Masters meltdown, and subsequent disinterest in anything written. Then last week I caught myself scribbling notes in the margin of the book I was reading. Nothing terribly high brow mind, but it was enough to get the grey matter stirring 🙂 anyway, sometimes its ok to be quiet . Life is full of waves on insanity and calm.

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