Utopia (Second Series)

Utopia - Channel 4

If you didn’t watch it (and like strange, almost noodling conspiracy thrillers) then the second series of the black comedy Utopia has just started on Channel 4 (episode two tonight). As an indication of its intent to pull no punches, the series opened with a thirty year flashback that lasted the entire episode and confirmed just about every fan theory that was left dangling at the end of the first series. Yes, we’ve got answers – but clearly there are still a lot of questions left.

Things I liked;
– Red. Yellow dominated the first series, is the past in red or is red the colour for this series? I’d like to think the former, as it would be too jarring a move from the aesthetic of the first series.
– The 4:3 aspect ratio was a wonderful touch, adding a sense of this being home cinema as well (did they deliberately degrade the image?). Will we pull back to show it being shown to a character at the start of the second episode (breaking the fourth wall in the process)?
– The cold, black humour remained, albeit tempered by a touch of humanity this time that made it a little easier to deal with. The violence (the worst of which was mostly implied) remains as sudden and shocking.
– It tells us everything without telling us what’s going to happen, this isn’t going to turn into a Lost style drama where we never get answers.

Unsure of;
– Will these be the only flashbacks, or is this something that will start to happen with regularity? I hope this is just a one off (and doesn’t become a series regular).
– It felt a bit like Arby wasn’t just a product of his twisted upbringing, but that there may have been something there before. Preferred it when it seemed that he was basically good underneath, but warped by the culture.

Waiting for;
– Revelations as to just how deep the rabbit hole goes, who’s involved and quite probably the moment that will get the tabloids up in arms.

Promising start so far…

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