Marvellous - BBC Films

It’s probably slipped off IPlayer by now, but BBC2’s “Marvellous” last week was the sort of thing that would have even the most cynical amongst us complaining about having something in their eye. A sort of quite man’s Forrest Gump (but without the naked republicanism that I’ve always detested in the film) it focussed on a single man rather than having him interact fictionally with the events of the world around him. That it was based upon a real life was obvious, this sort of gentle humour doesn’t exist outside of real life.

I’ve watched it twice now, it’s hard not to just humbled by it all and just thinking about certain bits brings a smile to the face. Toby Jones has been gifted the role of a lifetime, is neither showy nor underplaying, just perfect really (as are the rest of the cast – including what must be one of the most sympathetic portrayals of a member of the clergy ever) as the kind of eccentric we all know.

Hopefully BBC2 will show it again – given the press it’s received it’s hard to believe they wont (they may even bump it to a late slot on BBC1). Stick with it, it never really goes anywhere but that’s not the point, it’s the journey to that point that’s more important. It’s just wonderful really.

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