Another update

The last time I was around here I commented that it had been a while since the last update, but that it had been a busy old month (with Sj’s operation et al). Now we are nearly six weeks since the last update and it’s still the same. Sj’s been back in hospital once since then as a result of a post operation infection and life still seems to be pretty hectic. She’s hopefully on the mend now (and it has given me a great / gross story for parties) and will back to normal soon, but it’s been far longer than either of us imagined.

It does mean that we finally understand how proxy voting works (I’m currently trying not to think too hard about politics, it’s a little too depressing really). I’ve also seen far more Star Trek Voyager than any mortal man is meant to see…

Things have thus been in a “ticking over” mode rather than full blown life of late, I’ve managed to get back on the bike a bit more, but this has mainly been limited to travelling to and from work. I did manage to get a longer ride in as part of my plan to try and follow the M60 around Manchester off-road as much as possible, but I’m currently coming unstuck on finding a route to the north of the city. Still, nothing to stop me trying again (hopefully sometime later in the month).

I did get to see the frankly disappointing Avengers sequel and believe I’m getting tired of CGI in a major way (I’ll comment on it separately, but a distinct “meh” for me). Hopefully Mad Max with its supposed real & genuine stunt work will be better (but for some reason I’m not holding my breath).

I’ll try and update a bit more often, but I’m finding it difficult to raise the energy at times.

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