Stabcon 2017

Okay…cobwebs…fair bit of dust, springs on the chair could do with a bit of an overhaul, but everything seems in working order…

How are we? Good, good. Keeping well? Glad to hear it!

Me? Things over here have been busier than usual, and I’ve not really had the time or energy to sit down and write anything beyond emails to people explaining why they can’t build death traps even if it is cheaper to build that way (although not in the long run when the court cases begin), run up and down the country to various jobs here, there and everywhere and then try to stay sane at the weekend. However, it’s a new year and I thought I’d make the effort to write a bit more, although I’m not entirely sure what about.

So, let’s start with board games. This weekend gone was the excellent Winter Stabcon. Now being less than 500m from my bed it would be rude not to attend and I did get to play a few things whilst I was there. Board gaming seems to have become the most frequent sort of gaming I’m involved in these days as there’s little planning needed. Didn’t manage to get a game of Quartermaster General in, but that was the only downside of the weekend. Games I did play!

Internal Affairs. A neat little card game based around cracking numerical codes and trying to figure out which side your opponents is on. Not sure about the longevity of the game ( I suspect that it plays better with more players), but a nice one to have around for between meatier fare.

Death Angel. A card game based on the old GW Space Hulk game, and one that neatly manages to capture the flavour of utter hopelessness for the marines. This one took a little getting into as the rules don’t appear to have been written in the clearest fashion (it certainly helped that someone had played it before), but once you’ve gotten over that hurdle certainly worth the time. It will be interesting to see what happens with it in the future as FFG are divesting themselves of the GW games, will GW pick this up?

Fury of Dracula. I’ve probably played this about a dozen times now (mostly as Dracula) and I must say it remains a joy. Great flavour, mechanics just on the right side of crunchy and an ideal game length, although I’ve still to actually manage to win a game as Dracula (mainly due to Sj managing to predict when I decide to be sneaky). My only complaint is that the figures in the box aren’t that exciting and I wish I could find some better ones.

I also manged to talk to someone about getting involved in more political / simulationist games, something I’ve had my eye on for a while. I may try to get involved in the group as it’s not too far from where we live – time depending of course.

All in all an enjoyable day. I’d have like to have squeezed a few more games in, but I don’t feel under-gamed in any fashion.

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