(40k) Back on the horse – revisiting my Death Guard

So, like many others here I’m now stuck in lock-down, normal activities have been curtailed and like many, I’m trying my best not to go stir crazy. So on a whim I decided to dig out my half built / forgotten Death Guard army for 40k. I don’t get much chance to play, and in all honesty I’ve always preferred the painting / hobby side of things to actually gaming. This was originally a 5th Edition Army, so very out of date in terms of the new meta, and I haven’t really touched any of them for a good three / four years at least.

So, my aim is to try and update / finish the half-built army, bringing it more up-to-date and improving the quality of some of the paint jobs. Some models will take a bit more work than others, and I’m going to try and approach this in as sensible a fashion as possible.

I’ll start off with my proposed HQ – previously I’d sort of finished a sorcerer, but I’ve decided to go down the Malignant Plaguecaster route. The starting point was this (apologies for the colouration of the photos, I’m still trying to build a better light box for photography);

DeathGuard (17)

Generally, things were okay, but it never really felt finished. It was based on a kit-bashed Terminator Lord and normal Chaos Marine parts, aiming for what at the time were called true-scale marines. The plan was generally;
– Add some texture to the paint job, make it a little less flat.
– Improve the quality of the base as part of the process.
– Correct the armour colour so that it fit with the other parts of the army.
– Dullcote varnish to flatten the model, then gloss on the exposed organs for effect.

As a comparison of armour colour / model size I’ve photographed it with a normal troop.

DeathGuard (18)

So, a few nights work later, I’ve ended up with this;

DeathGuard (19)

I’m a lot happier with the result, and whilst it’s still not perfect, it’s a lot better to my eye than previously.

Next I’ll be tackling one of the squads of Plague Marines – there’s a lot less work to do on them in general as they’re starting in a better position.

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