Revisiting the Death Guard – Part Two

So, this is the first Plague Marine Squad, and generally I’m happy with the results. Happy, does not mean fully finished, although apart from two slightly larger jobs here, there’s a lot less painting required here.

DeathGuard (20)

The plan is generally;
– Some texture to the paint job, make it a little less flat. Not as much as the Malignant Sorcerer though.
– Dullcote varnish to flatten the model, then gloss on the exposed organs for effect.

Two models require a little more work though. When I first started this, sources of special weapons were difficult for a fluff based army, but the number of troops that can carry them now has increased.

DeathGuard (21)

Blue Arrow;
– Replace the existing “bodged” Plasma Gun with an actual Plasma Gun. So this will be a weapon swop and then cleaning up the model / paint afterwards to match the rest.

Red Arrow;
– This is the Plague Champion of the squad, so replace the existing Bolt Pistol with a Plasma Gun, then as per the Blue Arrow.

You can’t go wrong with three Plasma Guns in a squad really, and it’s a bit more punch, something that the army lacks at the moment really.

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