Revisiting the Death Guard – Part Three

So, the first squad of Plague Marines has been amended as necessary – changing weapons for more obvious Plasma Guns and a little bit of touching up of paint jobs and the like. I must admit the thing I’m most please with is the results from Testor’s Dullcote – I’d heard rumours of how good a matt finish it provided in the past but wasn’t really expecting it to be *that* good. Picking out elements with the gloss varnish really helps, and I’m happy with the results.

DeathGuard (22)

DeathGuard (23)

Next is the second squad of Plague Marines – work here is pretty much the same as the first squad except this time it’s replacing the flamers with Plasma Guns on the special weapon troops. I’d built them with some fuel tanks on their backs, so there may be a little more work required to them. I’m considering replacing the fuel tanks (which will be removed) with something more like a stove pipe.

DeathGuard (24)

DeathGuard (25)

Again, general jobs;
– Some texture to the paint job, make it a little less flat. Not as much as the Malignant Sorcerer though.
– Dullcote varnish to flatten the model, then gloss on the exposed organs for effect.

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