Bring on the bigger stuff…

I’ve taken a few weeks break to work on another project for Sj, but today I decided to start taking a look at a previously “completed” Dreadnought that I had sitting around. Eventually I’d like three of these, but at the moment it’s more about bringing it up to the standard I’ve started to feel the rest of the army now is.

I was happy with the modelling of the face (although the paint job needs to be improved, but the close combat arm needs a lot of work, so I’ll probably start by taking the whole arm off and trying to remove what went previously. The general plan is;

  • Remodel the close combat arm to something just plain better looking.
  • More texture in general to the model to remove some of the flatness.
  • Perhaps re-do the armour in general, bringing it closer in colour to other models I’ve completed.
  • Update the base. So that it’s less flat.

I tried to get away with just taking the previous green-stuff off of the arm, but the whole assembly came away. This has made things easier in that it’s allowed me to more fully model a revised claw. The face struck me as having something of the Akira-Baby thing to it, so I took inspiration for the claw from there.

Next are the jobs listed above – I’ll probably paint the arm before re-attaching it for ease, but expect that there will still need to be some touch up work once it’s in place as well.

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