Bringing things up to date

I’ve had a burst of productivity, finishing off a few jobs and bringing everything that was currently on the table up to date. First of all was finishing off the Dreadnought, changing the close-combat arm and re-painting for more texture. I’m happy with the results, I think the arm look a lot better than it used to, and the large areas of flat panel have been broken up. I’m stuck on the matt varnish / gloss elements look now, again I think that it really helps create the right look of dry, rusting bodies with the innards spilling out.

I bought some movement trays for the units, and I’ve kept the colour scheme simple, but again they help in bringing things together. They’re a little tighter in use than I expected, but they do again serve a purpose (especially with the larger units).

Lastly, I’ve carried out the varnish / gloss treatment on my Great Unclean One. The model was built as a birthday present by a friend, and I’ve always liked the paint job so didn’t want to make any alterations. How it fits into the army I’m less sure of (it was done back when Chaos Marines & Daemons were a single army list), but it is a nice centre piece.

Next up is the second Malignant Plaguecaster, and then I’m not sure. I’ve got the second batch of Cultists (to bring the unit up to twenty-eight) to complete, but I may look at other things that I could perhaps introduce into the mix as well.


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