A Legal Army

I’ve had less time this month for painting as work has ramped up in terms of requirements (which is a good thing), but I have been able to complete my second Malignant Plaguecaster which means I can now field a legal (if inefficient) Battalion. The build up is;

Malignant Plaguecaster

Malignant Plaguecaster

Plague Marines

Plague Marines


Once again I kitbashed a combination of Chaos Marine and Terminator parts, but this time I made the base a little less prominent so that the other Plaguecaster has the edge in height (to denote it being the Warlord).

Next up is completing the next fourteen Cultists (I’ve restocked on green stuff), and then maybe some more Dreadnoughts, but at that stage I’ll be able to perhaps look at other options as everything will be new on the table. I do need to pick up some more movement trays at some stage, but that’s a bit down the line.

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